Camlin High Quality Drawing Pencils (Set of 6)


Rs. 90


This set consists of six pre-sharpened drawing pencils with leads variations of HB, 2B, 3B, 4B, 6B and 9B.

These pencils don’t look that great (if you’re the person who likes their art materials to look interesting). The dark green body is only embellished by gold lettering that reads High Quality Drawing Pencils. Words that shouldn’t be taken at face value.

This set starts out fine. The HB pencil is light as intended, if not as light as most HB pencils should be. The shade produced by the 2B lead is darker, but this colour can be easily obtained with the HB pencil itself.

The remaining 4 pencils manage to produce the same shade, with the only difference being that the leads of the 6B and 9B pencils feel softer against the paper.

The Tactile Experience:

These pencils are the perfect size for comfortable drawing. When set against the paper though, the quality of the HB, 2B, 3B and 4B leads feel rather ordinary– very much like the Nataraj pencils we would use in nursery schools (you know, back in the days of No Internet). As mentioned above, the 6B and 9B pencil leads are softer, and I would suggest using only these two for shading (and even then, for rough sketches).


The HB, 2B, 3B, 4B pencils should be used with a very light hand as they tend to leave behind marks when you try to erase them.


1 out of 5 stars

Comments: I wouldn’t recommend these for artists– be they beginners, professionals or anyone in between. If you do have a set of these though, I would suggest using them for the beginning stages of your sketches, when you are drawing your rough shapes and details.



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