Creative Travel Journals to Inspire Your Wanderlust

The most enjoyable thing about traveling is the memories you get to collect. Most of us document our travels with photographs. As much as photographs help us capture a moment in time, they can sometimes seem impersonal, and if you’re like me, you might not always remember why you took a photo in the first place.

Travel journals and scrapbooks help with remembering, while also making your documentation of the trip more personal. Not to mention the fact that it provides you with an artistic outlet. If you’re looking for travel journal ideas for your next trip, here are some of the best ones out there:

  1. Mapping it out

You can hand-draw a map of the place you’re visiting..

By painted_illustrated (Instagram)

..Or better yet, you can create your journal on an actual map:

Processed with VSCOcam with e1 preset
By Amy B
By Cristina

You can include notes, postcards, stickers and photographs to commemorate the trip.

2. Throw all the scraps together

Trying to make your journal look Instagram-perfect can be time consuming. The last thing you want to do on a trip is spend most of your time poring over your journal. Simply put together all the tickets, brochures, maps and other tourist-related things you collected and include a short write-up about that particular spot or memory.

From Pinterest
From Pinterest

You can also just include photographs and polaroids (like above), or mix ticket stubs with sketches and even postage stamps!

By jose_naranja (Instagram)

3. Illustrate the memorable things

By anna.rastorgueva (Instagram)

Painting or sketching out a cute map of the city can be a nice addition to your journal pages. In the above, the artist has included only the major landmarks.

By onki_art (Instagram)

You can make your sketches look like polaroids as well! Don’t limit yourself to sketching out just the tourist spots; your layout can also include sketches of food or anything that was the stand-out of the entire trip.

By nika.urubkova (Instagram)

4. Mix it up

If you’re the kind of person who likes to write about your travels as well as sketch out parts of it, you can put together neat and structured layouts like these:

By Kondo Yoshie

You can keep a lot of white space by writing in small and neat paragraphs, or you can write out detailed entries like here:

By mr_constantine (Instagram)

5. ..Or keep it simple

Do you not want to have to carry around too many art materials with you while sightseeing? Do you not always find the time or the place to sit down and sketch out what you’re looking at? Then I’d suggest just carrying a pen and your journal and making small and rough sketches (almost like doodles).

From Pinterest

You can always colour in your drawings later:

By abbeysy (Instagram)

The important thing about journaling is that you shouldn’t aim for perfection. Doing so will put you off of journaling altogether. Carry whatever materials you’re comfortable with, and try not to make the journaling a chore. The point is to have a memorable trip and a fun time. So happy journaling and safe travels!


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