Faber-Castell Textliner Super Gel

Price: Rs. 30


Available in 5 fluorescent colours– green, yellow (not pictured in this post), blue (not pictured), pink and orange.

Tactile Experience & Design:


The gel liners are thick but comfortable to use. They don’t look particularly pretty or cute, but they are sturdy. The cap fits on tightly, which is something we like. These liners contain a gel stick which is waxy in texture. Like a mechanical pencil, the tip can be extended and retracted by twisting the bottom half of the liner.

The gel stick can be extended by twisting the bottom of the liner


Smudging does occur on occasion

While these liners work with light pressure, the colours on the paper look more vibrant with little more than mild pressure. However, pressing too hard on the paper can leave behind waxy residue that can cause smudging. (These liners work in ways similar to a wax crayon.)

Shade Fidelity:

The pink text liner is perhaps the most vibrant colour. Orange comes in second, although the orange is more of a yellow than orange. The green and yellow aren’t as fluorescent as would be expected.


  • It does not bleed, making it suitable for thick paper.
  • The waxy texture makes it suitable for highlighting notes written in pencil.
  • The gel can be refilled using the refiller ink that can be bought separately.


  • The colour is not nearly as vibrant as regular highlighters.
  • One must make sure that you don’t press down too hard on the paper- the residue left behind can smudge.
  • We cannot highlight in even lines since it doesn’t have a flat tip.

Final Rating:

3.5 out of 5 stars

Would we recommend it?

Yes, mainly the orange and pink ones.



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