Flair Trendy Neon Gel Pens

Price: Rs. 50

Contents: 5 pens (Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange)

Tactile Experience & Design:

The body of the pen is hard plastic. The grip portion is depressed on three sides to form a triangular grip with ridges. This makes it uncomfortable and may hurt during periods of long use. The design is rather basic which is to be expected for a pen of it’s price.


It requires several scribbles to get it working. Although it gets smooth as you use it, it does require significant pressure. Unlike regular ball point pens, this pen feels scratchy against paper, almost as if you can feel the ball point move. 


  • It is cheap
  • Great neon ink
  • It’s good for medium-sized projects. 


  • The structure of the pens isn’t comfortable
  • It’s not great for fine doodling.
  • The pens have a scratchy point
  • There is a possibility of drying out quickly


On ordinary paper
On high quality paper

Final Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Would we recommend it? Yes!


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