Creative Uses for Washi Tape

Washi tapes have become pretty popular in recent years. Loads of people like to use them in bullet journals– they make for easy layout decoration. Don’t know what to do with a page? Stick some Washi tape on there and it looks pretty great already.

Sites like Etsy now provide us with a brilliant array of tapes to chose from– from the simple to the quirky. If you are anything like us, you probably have loads of Washi tape stored away somewhere, and you only bring them out for special occasions. But why hide them away when there is so much that you can do with them?

Bullet Journal Swatches

Making the tape swatches look like clothes on hangers is an easy idea to implement (Source)

Do you have loads of Washi tape that you can’t keep track of? Make these swatch pages so that you know what is in your collection. Practical reasons aside, just looking at a page full of Washi tape patterns just makes you feel happy.

This page takes inspiration from a quilt, and it’s a good idea when you have a big collection of Washi tape. (Source)
This simple idea puts plant themed tapes together. (Source)

Greeting Cards


Give your birthday and holiday cards a leg up above others by throwing in different patterns of Washi tapes and creating images out of them. This makes your card look professionally made, while also giving it a personal touch. Mixing tapes of different widths and patterns can create a wonderful contrast.



A combination of bright and pastel shades makes these envelopes eye-catching. (Source)

Why stop at just greeting cards? By using the tape on just the envelope flap (or anywhere really), you can make a bland envelope stand out.

Gift Wrapping

This is a fast and easy way to wrap gifts. Wrap a stretch of tape around the entire box and follow up with a string tied into a bow. It makes for a rustic feel. (Source)

What I really love about this idea is how much easier it makes gift wrapping. This is especially the case when you’ve run out of gift wrapping paper, or don’t have any to begin with. By creating designs on plain paper using Washi tape, you not only end up with something unique, but you also save a lot on cellotape.

Liven up brown paper with overlapping patterns. (Source)


Why throw away Ikea pencils when you can do this instead? (Source)

This is something you can try with your own stationery, or you can apply it to stationery that you want to gift a friend. Convert ordinary and boring pencils and books into something that looks sleek and expensive.

Paper Clips

These paper clips work great when you have loads of paperwork that you want to organise. Use one particular Washi tape for one set of paperwork/ notes/ files, and it will make filing much easier. You can also use these clips as bookmarks.

Wire Labels/Tags

Avoid sorting through a tangle of cables and wires every time you look for a charger or cord by simply creating tags with different Washi tapes. This is fast and easy, with the added benefit of looking pretty.


This is perhaps my favourite on this list. Covering your computer keyboard’s keys with Washi tape completely transforms it. But do this only if you are sure about two things: 1) you can use a pen knife to carefully cut the tape around the shapes of the keys without cutting yourself, and 2) the Washi tape is translucent enough for you to see the letters and symbols on the keys (you’ll be typing blind otherwise).

Phone Cases

This is a relatively simple idea, but like with the keyboard, make sure you know what you’re doing.

Interior Decoration

Gold and black Washi tape has been used here to create a confetti mural that complements the furniture in the room. (Source)

Washi tape can be used for nearly any kind of decoration in your house. You can transform an entire wall with a roll of tape or something as simple as the outside edge of a door.

Create a rainbow desk with different colours of tape. (Source)

Even the most boring furniture looks a million times better with Washi tape carefully applied on it.

Upcycle ordinary objects


The great thing about Washi tape is how simple and relatively easy it makes it to transform ordinary objects into something unique, trendy and attractive.

You can pick up anything lying around your house and personalise it with whatever Washi tape you have at your disposal.

Do you have any ideas for using Washi tape that hasn’t been mentioned here? Share in the comments below!



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