Sen Shombit’s Abstract with Hidden Figuratives

Abstract with Hidden Figuratives at Gallery Time and Space, Lavelle Road, Bangalore until 10th February, and at Art Consult Gallery, New Delhi in April 2019.

Count yourself lucky if you get the chance to view Sen Shombit’s latest masterpieces. The French-Indian artist new exhibit explores what connects women to nature and animals.

At first glance, the artist’s paintings look like abstract brush strokes. The more time you spend looking at the canvas, the more details you discern, only to realise that you are looking at the overlapping forms of a woman and an animal.

Dancing with pig, 2018. Theme: Irreverent melody. Acrylic on canvas.

With Abstract with Hidden Figuratives, Sen Shombit “pays homage to our magnificent women who [are] in league with the earth’s creatures”. His adulation for women is clearly evident in every brush stroke. Every seemingly random stripe of acrylic paint carefully comes together to reveal figures of a woman and an animal, creating sensual and alluring portraits.

Influenced by the art movements of Europe, Shombit coined the term “gesturism” to give a name to the sense of movement and unpredictability in his art style. This is clearly evident in his latest work.

Apart from acrylic paintings, you can also view Sen Shombit’s watercolours, pastel and mixed media work. Even better, you can view this masterpiece displayed right outside the entry of the gallery:

We highly recommend visiting this exhibit, even if you are not a fan of art (if that is even possible). Looking upon the artist’s work is not only pleasing to the eye, but in many ways acts like a puzzle for your eyes to solve. You will not be bored.


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