Eco Clocks Bangalore

The stationary collective was an event at The Bohamian House – on April 27th with a dozen exhibitors displaying local stationary companies by artists, animal conservatives and environmentally responsible creators.


We’d been inspired by Eco Clocks Conservation Projects, a brand who had invested time, money and effort in dispelling certain hesitations we have in using Eco-friendly stationary products; cost – quality and efficiency.

Eco Clocks Pencils Packaging

In the past, as experiences have gone with recycled pencils and paper, they’re sometimes too rough, too light, hard to sharpen and not as good as the mass produced cheaper options so readily available in the market. The Eco Clocks pencils we purchased had none of these concerns.

Ends of the hand rolled eco-friendly pencils!
200Rs. for a box of 10; 5pcs made of Banana Leaf Fibers and 5pcs made of Kalamkari fabric.

Our first question to the creator of Eco Clocks was how would fabric do in a pencil sharpener, but he assured us with a demo that it wasn’t a problem – which we verified with a rolling sharpener too.

We used a rolling sharpener on both the banana fiber and fabric pencil and no fibers choked the sharpener.

As for the quality of the pencils – they were fantastic! The 2B lead was soft enough to stain fingers when brushed against it. On paper, they are smooth, darker than the standard 2B, but nevertheless great for sketching.

Pencils tested on textured paper.

Eco Clocks makes other products, pens made of recycled rolled paper, with seeds in the end, making little trees when you’re done with your pens and pencils. Their facebook page promotes and supports like-minded creators.

One of our favorite things on their page is their quote. Do check them out if you too would like to support people who do more than their share of caring for our planet.

And the Yogi sang…
The Earth’s on it’s last leg
And I’m too fat
I’ve taken many free meals
Time to give back.

– Eco Clocks Bangalore

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