30 Day Doodle Challenge!

Doodling has earned a bad name at the hands of teachers watching distracted students make little pictures in their books while instead they should be listening to the class, right? It turns out doodling has far more benefits than just distracted mindlessness.

Creative practices help certain cognitive functions. Distracting from an idea can actually help your mind design new ways to approach a problem. As an extension of art therapy, doodling helps anxiety, concentration, improves creativity and in certain cases, helps with catharsis.

We’ve posted ideas for doodle pages for your Bullet Journals here and some doodle tutorials here, and today we’d like to propose a little challenge to our readers.

Here’s a 30 day doodle challenge for you to print on an A4 sized printer paper. There are key words, all of which can be found on our tutorial post. We’d like to see how you are doing so if you are following along with the challenge, post your daily doodles on our instagram with the tag #theinkinquisition and #tkqdoodlechallenge.


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