Gift Wrap Ideas & Inspiration

Gift wrapping is fun for some people and tedious for others, but we all love giving gifts that stand out from the usual store-bought-and-wrapped presents. Let’s take a look at some brilliant gift wrapping ideas.

1.Keep it simple

The wonderful thing about gift-wrapping is that you can make your gift stand out even without using any fancy materials.

Draw a jar or vase on the paper and use glue or washi tape to stick a bunch of flowers over it. (Source)
Some string and a polaroid photo can make for such an unusual and elegant gift wrap.(Source)
Go the minimalist route with a gift tag that uses simple typography. (Source)

2. String it along

You can take things a step further from minimalist designs by creatively applying string to paper.

Recreate a clothesline on a smaller scale. (Source)
Create small flags with washi tape. (Source)
This cute idea requires just yarn, glue and a marker. (Source)

3. Draw and paint

Painting or drawing patterns on your paper can give your gifts a personalised feel.

Bright paint on white paper creates a beautiful pattern. (Source)
Swipe your brush across the paper to create a rough and rustic pattern. (Source)
Go quirky with an unusual motif such as this. (Source)
Bright coloured paper against brown paper gift wraps make your gifts eye-catching. (Source)

4. Paper patterns and art

If you find none of the above ideas suitable for the occasion, you can always use whatever paper is at your disposal to cut out shapes and patterns. This can even be used to reflect the theme of the event.

Use paper and real birthday candles with pastel colour gift wraps to create this pleasant look. (Source)
Cut out shapes from the same gift wrap that you use to create a slightly embossed effect. (Source)
Cut out one side of the bride and groom figures and fold it vertically to make this brilliant idea. Remember to use another layer of gift wrap below it (preferably white), so that your gift or the box it is in isn’t visible through the cut-outs. (Source)
This style of gift wrapping is time consuming but well worth the effort. (Source)
Punch out holes in neon paper and use the punched out circles to make any of these ideas. (Source)

5. Furoshiki

If you want to skip all the paper and its resulting wastefulness, you can always use the Japanese method of wrapping with a cloth. Let me allow Marie Kondo to show you how simple it is:

You can use the brightest and most unusual towels you can find to wrap your gifts. What a beautiful way to make sure your gifts are remembered!

Did you find any of these ideas helpful? Let us know in the comments below!



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