Bullet Journal Ideas That’ll Help Make You A Better Student

The wonderful thing about Bullet Journaling is that it can be adapted to any kind of lifestyle. The original Bullet Journal involves a system that helps the journal adjust to what you need in a given moment. Over the years, the BuJo community has taken that idea and expanded on it to make the journaling experience more fun, efficient and productive.

This is especially useful for people with hectic schedules, and let’s be honest, there is little that’s more hectic and stressful than the life of a student. Hours of classes, endless assignments, numerous extracurricular activities– all with the stress of exams looming over you. Keeping track of everything is a hassle, which is why building a BuJo to meet these needs is becoming more popular.

There are so many student bullet journal layouts, ranging from the simple to the complex, that can make school/college life a little easier for you. Here we have compiled some of our favourite spreads:


2. Overview

3. Attendance Tracker

4. Track your study time

5. Prep for those exams

6. Keep a simple log of all class activities and tasks

7. Never forget an assignment

8. Keep track of your performance

A lot of the ideas in the above list use colour coding to tell subjects and assignments apart. Is there any particular method you would use in your BuJo to organise things better? Let us know in the comments below.

Need more tips to become an efficient student? Check out this article on taking better notes.



  1. I would use the block study time schedule! I think I will added it to my journal. I think I will also try the semester overview as well! 🙂


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