Bullet Journal Layouts To Help Improve Your Mental Health

I think we can all agree that it feels like the world is going to hell. Bad news is constantly being fed to us. It not surprising then that anxiety and depression are on the rise. While such mental health issues should be resolved with professional help, Bullet Journals can also be used to keep an eye on your mental well-being.

In this post, we have compiled a list of the layouts we think would be most useful to you on your journey to better mental health:


Track both your daily mental and physiological state. (Source)
Making note of what triggers your anxiety can go a long way in combating it. (Source)
Track the effects of daily meditation on your well-being. (Source)
Make note of when and why your anxiety or negative feelings get triggered. (Source)
If you’re taking psychiatric medication, this tracker can be very helpful in finding the one that works best. (Source)

2. Ground yourself

By reminding yourself of the things you do control, you can fight feelings of helplessness that often accompany anxiety. (Source)
This method reminds you to take a breath and analyse your current state of being when you’re feeling panicky or low. (Source)
Anxiety and depression can sometimes trick you into taking things personally. This list reminds you to take a step back and rethink the situation. (Source)
When your anxiety or panic is on the rise, practicing these techniques can help ground you. (Source)
Remind yourself to look at the positive sides of a bad situation with this list. (Source)
Breaking down an irrational thought or worry with the help of this chart can help you arrive at a solution faster. (Source)
Using a scale such as this one will make it easier to understand your current mindset while also making it easier for you to express what you’re feeling to anyone you’re seeking help from. Such a list can also help in understanding when symptoms might be escalating. (Source)

3. Self-care lists

A schedule for all your self-care rituals. (Source)
Challenge yourself to do as many of these as possible. (Source)
Make taking care of yourself more fun by turning it into a game. (Source)
This pleasing layout with its tiny illustrations makes you feel good just by looking at it. (Source)
List self-care tasks by category. Here it’s been divided into “mind”, “body”, “heart” and “soul”. (Source)

4. Reminders and affirmations

By listing what you’ve learnt from the previous year, you can remind yourself to follow those lessons into the coming year. (Source)
While very similar to the self-care lists, this page can include even the tiniest of things that spark joy in you. (Source)
This page of positive affirmations will come in handy when your self-esteem needs a boost. (Source)
Check your negative thinking and behaviour with this page idea. (Source)
Remember to treat yourself kindly by avoiding harmful thoughts and actions. (Source)
Even a list as simple as this can reduce your negative thoughts.

5. Practice positivity

Write down what you’re grateful for everyday with this simple monthly gratitude layout.(Source)
Make note of the most positive aspects of your day. (Source)

If you’re someone who relies heavily on your Bullet Journal, using it to improve your mental health is a very good idea. It can be a daily reminder to stay positive and will help you break negative cycles of behaviour and thinking.

We hope you find these layouts helpful. Please share it with anyone you think might benefit from these ideas as well!



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