Christmas Journal Spreads

We love Christmas time! You never have a better excuse to pull out that glitter, pretty patterned paper and ribbons any other time of the year.

We’d also be lying to ourselves if we didn’t acknowledge that it may just be the messiest time of the year. All that wrapping, sending cards, cooking and baking all while making sure you take some time to enjoy the season and drink some of that hot coco you made for the family.

We’ve collected a few spreads, to make your season a little bit more organized and a whole lot more colorful!

The best part of gift giving; the wrapping. The worst – accidentally buying same gift for the same person two years in a row! Play it safe this year and make a list! If you think of two great gifts for the same person, write it down and save one for their birthday!

Gift Trackers

Stocking Stuffing


Make sure all the Christmas and Thank You cards go out! If you send out family newsletters, make a recipients list too!

Cards List

Better than wrapping gifts? Ripping them open for yourself! And a wish list is really the best gift for your loved ones, make it easier for them to get you the perfect thing. And whatever doesn’t come, well, you have to get yourself a present too!

Wish List

Tracking traditions could be a great way of keeping your memories, and even passing them down someday! From stories and movies to recipes and family activities, track everything, throw in a few pictures, a few years down the line, you’ll thank yourself

Advent Calendar

Christmas Stories

Movie Marathon List

Dinner Plans

Bucket List


Did you use any of these spreads in your journal? Do you have any special spreads of your own? Share with us!

Header Image: Photo by on Unsplash


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