Christmas Stationery To Buy This December

There is something quite special about the Christmas season, and we can all agree that perhaps the best part about it is the gifts. If you are a stationery fanatic or know someone who is, we’ve got some great recommendations for you. Here is a compilation of some of the best Christmas-themed stationery we could find:


We’re big fans of washi tape on this site. I have a pile of them that I barely use but if someone gave me any of these for Christmas, I’d be so happy. Even if you don’t think these would make a great gift, you can buy them for yourself and incorporate them in your gift wrapping.

Christmas Tree Washi Tape: Buy it here.
Christmas stockings washi tape: Buy it here.
Christmas washi tape: Buy it here.
Christmas Tree Japanese Washi Roll: Buy it here.


I have a habit of collecting beautiful greeting cards and postcards. Its fun to frame them or make collages out of them so I really appreciate it when people send me cards with unique designs.

Christmas Postcards: Buy them here.
Forest Animal Envelopes: Buy it here.
Pretty Christmas cards: Buy them here.
Forest illustration card: Buy it here.


A lot of these stickers are great for Bullet Journaling. You can use them to decorate your December spreads. Some of these (like the one below) also come in handy when you’re wrapping gifts.

From Santa Stickers: Buy them here.
Christmas Stickers: Buy them here.
Holiday Vibes Stickers: Buy it here.
Christmas Sticker Pack: Buy it here.
Christmas Ornaments Stickers: Buy it here.
Scottie Dog Merry Christmas Vinyl stickers: Buy the here.


Make your own cards and gift wrap with these beautiful stamps.

Little Red Riding Hood Christmas Rubber Stamps: Buy them here.


I know this notebook isn’t exactly Christmas or winter-themed but the colours and the illustration style really remind me of Christmas. This would make a great gift!

Buy it here.


It’s a little late for this but it might come in handy if you’re late getting around to making a calendar (or you can always use them next year). Look at the adorable illustrations!

Buy it here.


Just imagine how beautiful this Moonman M2 Fountain Pen would look with red ink! It also comes with an eye dropper.

Buy it here.


This set of gift cards, gift tags and Christmas stickers will be really helpful when you want to make sure all the things you mail out have a consistent colour theme and design. The fact that this set does not have the usual Christmas colours of red, white and green is likely to make your gifts and cards far more memorable and eye catching.

But it here.

Please note that some of the items listed above are low in stock and might not be available when you click on the links.

Did you like any of our recommendations? Have some of your own? Let us know in the comments!


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