Behind the Lens With Bansky, The Oldest Cave Painting, and Artists Asking To Be Sued: The Best Art News of December

Here’s a look back at some of the most interesting art news from the past month:

1.The earliest known photograph of slaves


The Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City, Missouri has acquired what is believed to be the earliest known photograph of slaves. The photo depicts a slave owner and several slave men, women and children in Greene County, Georgia. This article takes a look at how the image challenges our understanding of slave history.

2. Archaeologists discovered the oldest figurative cave painting in the world

The painting, found on the central Indonesian island of Sulawesi, dates back at least 43,900 years. It shows eight figures holding weapons approaching wild pigs and buffaloes. Learn more about it in video below.

3. “We were lawless and did just what we wanted.”


Have you ever wondered how Bansky has gotten away with so much without getting in trouble? This article introduces us to Steve Lazarides– Banksy’s “strategist, photographer and minder”.

4. Why are these artists asking to be sued by Disney?


A few artists on Twitter asked people to tweet that they would like to see the above image on a tshirt. This was done in order to catch corporations that were stealing art work off of Twitter. Read more about their ingenious plan here.

5. A decade in pictures

The Guardian has compiled a list of some of the most powerful pictures of the last ten years. From the Haitian earthquake of 2010, to the Christchurch shooting in 2019, take a look at these incredibly moving images here.

Have we missed any interesting stories? Let us know in the comments below!

Have a happy new year everyone!


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