Artist Qing Han / QinniArt

On Feb 8th, 2020 the beloved, inspiring and influential artist, Qing Han lost her battle with cancer.

Tribute (Source)

Qing Han, who went by the handle @QinniArt on Instagram, YouTube, DeviantArt, Tumblr and Twitter was a Chinese-Canadian artist, a survivor of 4 open heart surgeries and a professional doodler (as she says in her bio) and more importantly an inspiration to many artists.

Daydreaming by QinniArt (Source)

Her art mostly consisted of watercolor fantasy portraits, usually adding elements of stars and galaxies. One of her pieces ‘Starred Freckles’ was so prolific, it inspired many artists to create their own versions of her art, and even influenced a makeup trend.

Qinni was working for the animation studio Titmouse as a background painter, while continuing to share her journey as an artist on social media and sharing advice for other artists. She also created a short film ‘Night Lights’, again, presenting her love for stars and the night sky.

Qinni was generous in sharing her talent. In Febuary 2017, she was awarded DeviantArt’s Deviousness Award for “helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community”.

Art v Artist of QinniArt (Source)

Qinni was open about her struggle with her health from the beginning. From the surgeries to the most heartbreaking cancer diagnosis, she was a kind, happy, warm soul to the end. Even through her diagnosis, she kept her spirits up, posting something of dark humor about her condition.

Her last works, ‘Fragile’ and ‘Flowering Wounds’, were a painfully beautiful representations of her struggle with her health.

Flowering Wounds by QinniArt (Source)
Fragile by QinniArt (Source)

The whole art community mourned her loss. Some, expressing their sorrow by sending her stars and galaxies – posting their tribute art using the tag #galaxiesforqinni and #starsforqinni.

Tribute to Qinni by Michi Mikolai (Source)

Her brother Ze last updated of her passing on her Instagram account, saying that the page will continue to be active and see more work.

Tribute to Qinni by MinemikoMali (Source)

If you’ve been a fan of her art or wish to help her family out, a gofundme page has been set up by her close personal friend Courtney James Howlett you can donate to, here.

We miss you Qinni, rest in peace.