12 ways in which you can store and display art & craft supplies

I tend to forget that I own something when it’s out of sight. Which explains why I have so many erasers. If you have the space, storing your art supplies where they are visible is a great idea. A common way in which this is done is by using a peg board to hang things up.

Some people have peg boards that are restricted to a particular colour palette, especially pastel colours.

This looks very pretty, but I don’t see the point of them if you’ve to restrict your stationery shopping to certain colours. If quirkiness is what you’re aiming for, why not try painting your peg board?

If you don’t want to paint your peg board, you can add other decorative elements like framed artwork, sign boards or even a clock.

The problem with the peg board is that all your stuff might not fit on it, in which case you should probably use storage boxes/drawers and shelves with it.

Speaking of shelves, here is a wonderful example of colour co-ordinated storage:

You could also go for a subtler approach like this one:

The same organisation idea can be applied to your drawers.

Organising your materials by colour might be too much work. If you still want your storage space to have a bright and happy feel to it, use simple and colourful storage boxes and containers.

If your supplies primarily consist of paint bottles and other things that don’r require too much space, small shelves like these look pleasing:

All of the above ideas might sometimes clash with the interior design of your home. A minimalist or monotone look is suitable in this case.

If you want your materials to be tucked away but still visible when you need it to be, try hanging it on the back of a closet door:

Repurposing a hanging jewellery organiser is another quick and cheap method of storage.

Are there any clever ways in which you store your art and craft supplies? Let us know in the comments!


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