Blackout Poetry

March 21st is World Poetry Day adopted at UNESCO’s 30th session held in Paris in 1999; Poetry, being recognized as the unique ability to capture the creative spirit of the human mind.

Blackout poetry is a technique to reclaim a ready composition.The image of few framed words or illustrations alongside these words – all crafted from an existing piece of literature change the impact of both the art and the words. Merging art with words is a unique experience in itself, and blackout poetry brings an interesting convergence of visual and written ideation.

So, here’s some inspiration to make your own! You’ll need a printed page, from an old book, magazine or even the newspaper and a single black marker at the very least. Find YOUR words, highlight them and black out all the rest!

Here’s a video by Austen Kleon, author of Newspaper Blackout sharing his process of creating his Blackout Poetry from newspapers.

We’re active on instagram now! Come follow us and tag us in your contributions to World Poetry Day!


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