Virtual Museums Around the World

Its been a year since we’ve been living in these strange times, where we’ve been in lock-down longer than we have been outside. Since venturing out is dangerous again, we thought it may be interesting to explore art around the world, from the comfort of our couches. With the help of modern tech and Google Culture, many museums have now uploaded virtual tours, both paid and free. Here’s a small collection of places you can visit right now!

Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum

Originally established in 1855, this is the oldest museum Mumbai, exhibiting the history of Mumbai, its original archeological landscape, settlers, the British Conquest and subsequent influence; depicted through clay models, silver and copper wear. One of its more prominent pieces is the the bust of Queen Victoria.

The Yamatane Museum of Art

Opened in 1966, by the Yamatane art foundation; based on the personal collection of Yamazaki Taneji and corporate collection of Yamatane securities. The collection features over 1800 works centered on modern and contemporary nihonga (Japanese style paintings) from the Meiji period on, encompassing Japanese traditional art like no other.

Guggenheim Bilbao

Located in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain; this Guggenheim is dedicated to contemporary and modern art. This Museum’s architecture is just as daring and innovative as its art collection. Architecture Frank Gehry designed the Deconstructivism style building such that its external curves appear random, but in actuality they were designed to catch the light, portraying its collection in the best possible view. Housing pieces by Jeff Koons, Mark Rothko and Yves Klein, the Bilbao Guggenheim is a through homage to modern art.

The Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi is a 1560 office building converted into the gallery that owns of one of the largest art, sculpture and artifact collections in the world. Its key works include the likes of Sandro Botticelli’s Primavera, The Birth of Venus, Adoration of the Magi of 1945, Michelangelo’s The Holy Family, Leonardo da Vinci: The Annunciation, Adoration of the Magi; Raphael: Madonna of the Goldfinch and Rembrandt: Self-portrait as a Young Man. The Uffizi brought together three extraordinary museum complexes; together, these structures contain the core of the collections of art, precious artisan-made objects, books, and plants belonging to the Medici, Habsburg-Lorraine and Savoy families.
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Bode Museum

Named after is founding director Wilhelm von Bode, this museum is home to a mixed art collection; sculptures of the Christian Orient, Middle Ages and Italian Gothic; Byzantine art and The Münzkabinett (coin cabinet) – one of the world’s largest numismatic collections and medals.

Van Gogh Museum

Learn more about one of the most beloved painters in history, Vincent Van Gogh. The history of the museum itself is as riveting as the artist’s life, with delays in construction due to the passing of the architect, thefts that left paintings damaged and lost and the discovery of the long lost Sunset at Montmajour, a painting once attributed to another artist, if not for the letter wherein Van Gogh described the painting to his brother, dating the painting to 4th July 1888.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Evolving from a private collection in 1829 by the Birmingham Society of artists, now houses historical art and artifacts such as the Sultanganj Buddha sculpture, dated between 500-700AD, Dante Gabriel Rosseti’s Proserpine, William Holeman Hunt’s The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple, 28 pieces of Assyrian Nimrud ivories among others. This galleries significance lies in its antiquities, collected from around the world.

Birmingham 'committed' to Museum and Art Gallery ...
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The Frida Kahlo Museum

Also known as La Casa Asul was Frida’s birthplace, the home where she made her life and work and the place where she died. Her husband, Diego Rivera donated the home and its contents in order to turn it into a museum in Frida’s honor. The house today looks as much as it did in 1951, decorated in Mexican folk art and Frida’s personal collection of pre-Hispanic artifacts, linens, and even traditional cookware. This museum will allow you to walk through the artist’s life along side her art, everything from personal photographs and her wheelchair with give you a rare glimpse into the inspiration, emotion and story behind each artwork.

We hope you enjoyed these museums! Here’s an interactive map of more virtual museums from around the world.

Remember, if you do decide to visit a museum in person, do check if they have COVID safety protocols to follow and if they require pre-booking of tickets.


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