Artist’s Space: Rebecca Blair

Rebecca Blair is an artist from Northern Ireland. If you spend a lot of time on Pinterest, you’ve probably come across some of her amazing and intricate journal artwork.

Most of her work is in a journal (she says she uses a Ventaglio Rosso). And a majority of it is in black and white. Her designs stand out primarily because they combine abstract art with print-like hand lettering. The detailed line work is made with such precision, it’s incredibly soothing and satisfying to look at.

Rebecca Blair’s art journal is also her notebook. Her notes on various topics are often accompanied or even integrated with her geometric designs.

Some of her work also incorporates collage work such as in these spreads where she has used printed paper.

The use of printed images, neat lettering and watercolours along with the black line work makes for some very dynamic layouts. Here she has put a very creative spin on colour tests and palettes:

She also has a very interesting approach to ordinary art prompts and ideas. In the below images, for example, she has taken an abstract approach to mountains and the night sky.

Blair says that she includes a lot of song lyrics in her art. She also appears to use poetry and quotes in her drawings.

In some cases though, her designs are made around everyday ideas and lists such as a shopping list or random thoughts.

While Rebecca Blair has often limited her work to a journal (she says that the constraints of the journal’s size makes a nice challenge), you can also find some of her larger works and individual pieces. Here is some more of her beautiful work:

If you love Rebecca’s work, please follow her on Instagram.

Images courtesy of Rebecca Blair’s Instagram and the Paper Blanks Blog.


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