Recipe Page Ideas for your Bullet Journal

When I find new recipes I’d like to try, I usually save them on Pinterest. But recently I’ve found myself writing down recipes instead. Reading a recipe off the screen often results in me skipping a step or two by mistake, or forgetting an ingredient altogether. With that in mind, I figured I should include recipe pages in my next Bullet Journal.

Copying down recipes into your journal will ensure that you get an understanding of the entire cooking/baking process. You could also use these pages to write down your own recipes, or recipes that have been in your family for generations. If these pages are something you’d like to pass down to your children or other family members, perhaps set up a different journal for it entirely. Alternatively, if you’re using a binder journal, you can always remove the recipe pages from your journal and store them in a new and separate binder.

Whichever way you choose to do it, we hope the following Bullet Journal spreads inspire your own recipe pages.

  1. Realistic and detailed

If you want to combine recipes with another hobby of yours (i.e. painting/sketching) this is the way to go.

Limit the pages to just the ingredients, measurements and– in the case of baking– the temperature. This layout is probably best suited for baking and/or simple recipes.

If a recipe is more complicated, you could always limit the painting/ illustration to one ingredient, like above.

All of the above examples look rather intimidating, given the amount of detail and effort that’s gone into them. I would suggest attempting to make similar pages only if a) you have the time, and b) your painting/drawing skills are something you want to work on.

You need not attempt the realism of the above images. You can always aim for more of a rough illustration, and combine it with vibrant colours.

2. Simple line drawings

Simple and small doodles make recipe page layouts pretty interesting too.

When combined with neat and clean writing, these simple illustrations stand out.

3. Make them cute

Don’t aim for perfection and you can still have pages that turn out great. In the image below, the person has illustrated the entire process in her own simple and cute illustrative style. The uneven lines and rough colouring adds it’s own charm.

Bright paint can also make these pages beautiful. Below, the artist has used brown paper to draw and paint on. Their illustrative style combined with the bright colours make the pages so very eye-catching.

4. Throw in some interesting typography

If you’re not so confident about your drawing skills, why not add some interesting typography?

In the above image, illustrations (both detailed and rough) are combined with typography that is on theme.

You can also take the faster route of simply using some beautiful and easy hand lettering.

5. Go quirky

If you have no faith in both your drawing and lettering skills, just have fun with your pages. I love the following page spread because it doesn’t bother to be neat or aesthetically perfect. You can tell the person has had a lot of fun with it.

6. Just use photos

Print out photos of the food and stick them next to the recipe. This works when you’re copying recipes from a website. If you have the patience to take your own pics though, good for you!

7. Stick to the basics

If you think the illustrations and pictures are just going to be a distraction, try a minimalistic approach. This bullet journal page spread uses a neat table to break down recipes into the basic and most important information.

8. Don’t forget the drinks!

Bullet Journals are especially handy for writing down drink recipes as these tend to be short and concise recipes. Don’t forget to include the recipes of your favourite beverages in your journal.

Did you like any of these BuJo spreads? Let us know in the comments!



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